Because we haven’t limited the use of this film or our ministry to a “cookie cutter” formula each of the premiers/outreach events we host look a little different. The purpose of our ministry and this film is to engage individuals, empower and equip leadership, and effectively reach out to youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of the events that we host are focused around bringing youth together, presenting the Gospel through evangelism, and plugging new believers into a Christian community for continued discipleship.

To help us better assist you, while determining the potential for a premier/outreach event in your community we have put together this list of questions. Any additional information you can provide will be very helpful and beneficial with planning an upcoming event. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully partnering together to host a successful and fruitful event that impacts the lives of many in your community and plugs them into a local church body for continued discipleship!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions! We look forward to hopefully working with you soon!

To the ENDS of the earth!

– The Ride Nature Team


Event Contact Individual:


Event City:

Proposed Event Date:

Location for Event:

Available Budget:

Is there anyone currently leading action sports outreach in your community?

Would this event be linked to a local church? If so, what church?

Does that church currently have a youth program/youth group? If so, what size?

Does that church have a skatepark or are they located near a skatepark?

Would you like to bring in any professional athletes?

Would you like to have a mobile skatepark at this event?

Are you interested in specifically premiering the film or possibly just hosting a surf/skate outreach event, presenting the Gospel, and giving away copies of the DVD to all who attend?

Are there any other organizations you would like to invite to be a part of this event?

Are you hoping to make this event FREE or are you wanting to charge per person?

Would your church be willing to allow a representative to share about our ministry at your church during a service and potentially accept a love offering?

Are you interested in being a “Translation Partner” and helping to raise the funds to translate the film, “PURPOSE” into additional languages?

Are you interested in supporting the Ride Nature organization/The Purpose Film on a long-term ongoing basis?

What are your hopes and dreams for this event?

What is your ultimate goal for this event?

Is there any additional information you can share or additional thoughts concerning this upcoming event?